Jeopardy Hometown Howdies

Here is the daily lineup for this week from Kara Chandler is the returning champ, going for her 2nd win.

Kara Chandler, Berwyn, IL, Stay-at-home Mom
Eric Maher, Epping, NH, Attorney
Alex Jumper, Cambridge, MA, Grad Student
Kiana Nakamura, Corona, CA, Grad Student
Wilbur Farley, Patchogue, NY, Lecturer
Jim Eckess, State College, PA, Bartender
Kelsey Van Bokkem, San Diego, CA, Intern Physician
Liz Schultz, Manchester, NJ, Ret. Project Analyst
Jesse Parks, Houston, TX, Performance Mgr
Marcus Gresham, Corydon, I N, Wrap Facilitator
Jennifer Chang, Brooklyn, N Y, Journalist

Click here for last week’s FJs and daily wins.

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F.Y.I. – If you’ve been wondering what Keith Williams has been up to lately, he’s been writing a bi-weekly column in the New York Times where he answers questions about New York City history, and it really is called F.Y.I.

Links to help you increase your knowledge:

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  1. Brian Phan says:

    We found the new Hometown Howdies for the week (11/20/2017 – 11/24/2017)

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