Jeopardy Hometown Howdies

Here is the daily lineup for this week from Manny Abell is the returning champ, going for his 2nd win.

Manny Abell, Lacey, WA, Naval Officer
Emily Wilson, Brooklyn, NY, Nonprofit Fundraising Mgr
Jayanthi Martins, Austin, TX, Finance Mgr
Carlos Nobleza Posas, Salt Lake City, UT, Actor
Fran Fried, Prospect, CT, Writer, Editor & DJ
Joanna Kimmitt, Long Beach, CA
Chelsea Feltman, Brooklyn, NY, Opera Singer & Actor
Justin Broughman, Strasburg, VA, H.S. Social Studies Teacher
Tom Blake, New York, NY, Video Producer
Tim Suba, Los Angeles, CA, Public Education Consultant
Kathleen Kosman, Dearborn, MI, Attorney

Click here for last week’s FJs and daily wins.

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F.Y.I. – If you’ve been wondering what Keith Williams has been up to lately, he’s been writing a bi-weekly column in the New York Times where he answers questions about New York City history, and it really is called F.Y.I.

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