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Jeopardy Daily Recap S33

Final Jeopardy: Natural Wonders

Jeopardy! Recap for November 10, 2016 featuring Final Jeopardy bets and results. Today’s Daily Double categories: American Symbols, That’s Messed Up, Shakespeare! and Have Faith

Oct 1st: Fast Money Rounds

Fast Money #1: Travis gave the same answers as Joelle once to these questions: 1. We asked 100 men on a scale of 1-10, how sensitive are you? 2. Something...

Jeopardy Season 30

Final Jeopardy: The Mediterranean

The Final Jeopardy question (6/9/2014), in the category “The Mediterranean” was: It’s the only UN member country in the Mediterranean where English is an official national language. 2x champ Molly...

Jack Lemmon

Jack Lemmon on Days of Wine and Roses

Nowadays, Jack Lemmon is mostly remembered as a comedic actor. The actor won his first Oscar (Best Supporting Actor) for his role as Ensign Pulver in “Mister Roberts” (1955). The...