Supporting Cast of Friendless Child – Boardwalk Empire

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6 Responses

  1. Omar says:

    Imdb says Talia was Leigton Bryan. guess there was a glitch or something.

    • VJ says:

      Don’t know what you mean by a glitch — IMDB just did not have the credit info for Talia when this article was published.

      A lot of the cast information on IMDB is user-supplied, so maybe she or her agent got around to adding it.

      Don’t know exactly who checks up to verify these things but on cast lists, they have messages when you click over to the full cast page, unless the listings are incomplete, like this:

      — verified as complete
      — complete, awaiting verification

  2. Nora Lee Mandel says:

    I think Talia (or Talya?) was played by Alyssa H. Chase — that the IMDb incorrectly lists her as a prostitute.
    While I got most of her Yiddish and Lower East Side references, I also would like to know the Yiddish phrase she whispered to Benny.

    • VJ says:

      Hi Nora Lee.

      On her IMDB profile, Alyssa has 2 listings as an upscale prostitute, one for this episode and one (uncredited) in The Good Listener (S5E2). Also, after she finished up her work on BE last August, she tweeted: “From Meyer Lansky to Pinky’s arms…” and earlier than that “back to the brothel” — so the character worked in the brothel where Luciano, Lansky and Siegel were celebrating.

      I think the Yiddish phrase was: “mayn kleyne farbrekher”?

  3. Okthen says:

    How sure are you guys that it was Leighton Bryan that played Talia? Her IMDB page is not credited with the role, I admit she looks like it could be her..I was very curious who she is too

    • VJ says:

      as I said, I’m not sure (couldn’t find anything where she said who she actually played) — just guessing by the credited actors. She’s the only one who looked the part.

      I do not go by IMDB anyway. I look around for info from the actors and actresses named in the final credits on each episode.

      For instance, Susan Kirby is not even mentioned in the IMDB cast list for this episode, but she is in the episode credits and she has it on her online resume.