Steve Harvey Makes Sure He Gets Miss Universe 2017 Right

Steve Harvey went to great lengths to make sure he didn’t mess up the announcement of the winner of the 2017 Miss Universe pageant this year, after last year’s big goof.

After revealing that Miss Colombia, Andrea Tovar, was the second runner up, the outgoing Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach walked over to Harvey and presented him with a pair of spectacles to help him out. It was now down to Miss Haiti and Miss France. After several tense moments, Harvey took a deep breath and announced Miss France as the winner, the country’s first winner in 64 years.

Iris Mittenaere, the new Miss Universe, is a 24-year-old dental student from Lille in northern France, the 4th largest urban area in the country after Paris, Lyon and Marseille. She and Miss Haiti stood facing each other exchanging a few words, while they waited for Harvey to make the announcement that would determine the next year of their lives. Mittenaere was overwhelmed when she was chosen. She and Miss Haiti embraced and Pia Wurtzbach crowned Mittenaere who put her hands up to her face.

As first runner up, Miss Haiti (25-year-old Raquel Pelissier) is in the unique position of inheriting the title if for any reason Mittenaere is unable to complete her duties as Miss Universe in the coming year.

“This is Steve Harvey. I got it right,” the host joked in closing the show. While all the ladies who participated in the contestants can be said to represent an ideal of young womanhood, Steve Harvey surely demonstrated how to handle a public flub with good humor and aplomb.

Find your country’s contestant in this preliminary evening gown video, where they appear in alphabetical order. (Deshauna Barber, Miss USA, is at 34:55)

The pageant was held at the Mall of Asia Arena by Manila Bay in the Philippines.

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