Lucky Luciano: The Nickname and that Droopy Eye

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  1. Carolyn B. says:

    Interesting recap.
    But we’re still in 1920 on “Boardwalk Empire,” and there will be a few key events in the years ahead.

    In episode 10, two D’Alessio brothers are disposed of, but four remain. Meyer Lansky/”Michael Lewis” is sent to give Arnold Rothstein a message. Lucky Lansky is allowed to live. But a quick Wiki search tells us that Mr. Rothstein was killed in November 1928, some 8 years later, so Nucky Thompson doesn’t get to his rival after all. And Mr. Luciano becomes a big shot in Chicago, as does Al Capone, and Meyer Lansky, of course, was a hotshot in the upstart Las Vegas.

    It’s interesting how the pieces all get tied together.

    And I am also enjoying the wonderful 1920s music and fashions. It’s one bespoke suit after another, and flapper dresses, tunics, vests, long dresses and dashing chapeaux. I’m really impressed by the attention to detail.