Jeopardy Hometown Howdies

Here is the daily lineup for this week from David Rigsby is the returning champ, going for his 2nd win.

The Galápagos Great Escape: Go on an expedition with Alex Trebek. Complete Sweepstakes details on

David Rigsby, Alexandria, VA, SSA Attorney
Emma Florio, Hoffman Estates, IL, Library Assistant
Alan Lin, Santa Barbara, CA, Software Engineer
Dan Atherton, Quincy, MA, Fundraising Data Analyst
Meike Olin, Wilmington, NC, Ret. Insurance Broker
Chelan Allen, Portland, OR, Home & Family Mgr
Samm Chiszar, Brooklyn, NY, Public Defender
Jennifer Fuquay, San Antonio, TX, Stay-at-Home Mom
Troy Steinmetz, Santa Clara, CA, Fundraising Mgr
Rachel Snyder, Grand Rapids, MI, Writer
Kevin Mccarthy, Lincoln, RI, Postal Clerk

Click here for last week’s FJs and daily wins.

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4 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    Yeah, Howdies video up now and the Sweepstakes link to go on an expedition with Alex to the Galápagos, too.

  2. Dalton Higbee says:

    I found the 4/24/17 – 4/28/17 Howdies video, but it disappeared, do not know what happened.

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