Gun Crazy (1950) Starring John Dall and Peggy Cummins

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  1. rhonda says:

    I finally got to watch the movie this afternoon, VJ. It was entertaining enough but I enjoyed Born to Kill much more, and Deadline at Dawn was my favorite of the 3 of them. You certainly hit the nail on the head (or the match on the crown lol), wimpy is the best word to describe Bart. Not a very compelling character at all.

    • VJ says:

      lol, Rhonda, “the match on the crown” — good one. Idk why Eddie Muller made such a big deal over this film but I’m not sorry I watched it either.

      It’s very interesting to me to find out what else the actors were involved in, esp the supporting cast. Like the guy with the glasses — I would never have known about him co-writing the screenplays for The Defiant Ones and Inherit the Wind. I know it’s not exactly essential information to have, but I like it when I’m watching other films and a name turns up that I might otherwise not pay attention to.

  2. rhonda says:

    Thanks for the informative, interesting and comprehensive recap, VJ. Another movie that I wasn’t aware of and need to check out.

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