Final Jeopardy: 3-9-15 to 3-13-15

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6 Responses

  1. jacob ska says:

    This was not a bad week compared to previous recent weeks on fj. This week’s percentage was 61.5% or 8/13 for fj correct responses.

    Congrats to Kristin. In spite of the talk and media hype about Justin she is showing that she can carry her own weight as a champion. As I’ve posted on CotD spoiler talk there have been other related J! Contestants.

    Dan Pawson 2008 9x champ’s wife Andrea Saenz was a 2010 champ. What difference does it make? They are individuals in their own light with their individual accomplishments.

    There may have been some related contestants we don’t know about on other episodes. Give Kristin her kudos and let her shine in her own limelight. If she were my daughter I’d be very proud.

    • VJ says:

      seriously, only ONE commenter was negative about her first game and found something odd about her husband’s champ status not being mentioned in her first two games.

      idk why that gets more attention than ALL the other posters who wished her well and posted congrats.

      • jacob ska says:

        VJ, what are you talking about? “Media hype” does not refer to FF. Why do my positive comments ruffle your feathers? Is it because I’m posting on FF? Have you read the various media releases? Even Keith was peeved about the media hype over the one player J game per his website.

        Are you reading what the media is writing? I consider FF a website and not the media. I was NOT referring to any poster on FF.

        • VJ says:

          Sorry Jacob. No, I haven’t been reading the media reports. Most of the time, I don’t because the big media sites only report on the show when something irregular happens like the one-person FJ.

      • john blahuta says:

        you can mention my name, vj. i don’t mind, and yes, i find it more and more odd that alex does not mention that kristin’s husband was a 6 time champion. he had more than enough chances now, and given the fact that alex has a proclivity to discuss and mention any connections etc between players i don’t think i am the only one who wonders “why”.that takes nothing away from kristin’s performance. but think back: alex hardly misses an opportunity to mention any cross-connection, no matter how long ago or far fetched.
        so if i – and maybe others- find it strange that the topic did not come up yet, i believe i am entitled to my opinion. maybe once she qualifies for the ToC – which will be monday, with 4 wins and over 70 K she should be a shoo in if and when she wins her game on monday, alex will mention her husband.and she WILL win on monday. if she does not get fj then she will be in the lead before fj and the whole thing will be a ts. but she WILL win monday.
        and again, i do not and did not criticize her performance. i just pointed out something that is unusual for alex and j,
        and i stand by that opinion.

        • VJ says:

          He mentioned her husband on Friday, John. See the part of my recap under the results pic. Besides that, the commercial promo ran the first couple of days, that’s probably why Alex didn’t mention it those days.