Final Jeopardy: 11-9-15 to 11-13-15

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8 Responses

  1. C. Strelow says:

    I tried to watch the tournament of champions but Fri., Nov. 20, they showed sports instead. I would like to know who won 2015 tournament of champions.

  2. jacob ska says:

    A little factoid I picked up browsing the Internet. Alex Jacob and Matt Jackson are Yale grads. Knowing Yale I’m sure its bragging about having 2 alumni in the semis of the TOC. Alex class of 2006 and Matt class of 2014.

    I’m really going to have fun watching these two in the semis knowing this.

  3. Cece says:

    Thanks, Leena, I didn’t know that. Wow! Sorry I missed that tournament, but I was on vacation overseas, so it was worth it. :)

  4. Cece says:

    Being that Catherine, Vaughn and Dan were already featured in one game, y’know what would be funny? If they were separated in the semi-finals, each won their games, and were re-united again for the finals. That would truly be a TOC to remember. :)