Final Jeopardy: Great Thinkers

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (9/15/2015) in the category “Great Thinkers” was:

239 years ago he wrote of “the enormous debts which… will in the long run probably ruin all the great nations of Europe.”

New champ Ed Kim won $17,200 yesterday even though he didn’t know the final. He just didn’t bet anything. In Game 2, he takes on these two players: Audrey Watkins-Fox, originally from Lockport, NY; and Andy Anderson, originally from Batavia, IL.

Round 1: Audrey found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “AKC-Defined Breeds” under the $800 clue before the first break. She was in the lead with $1,800, $1,000 more than Ed in second place. She was very confident in this category and made it a true Daily Double and she was RIGHT.

It’s “hailed as the world’s leading police, guard and military dog… most commonly black and tan.” show

Audrey finished with $8,200, a very healthy lead. Ed was second with $3,200 and Andy was last with $1,800.

Round 2: Audrey found the first Daily Double in “Shakespearean Deathmatch” under the $1,200 clue, the third pick. She had $9,000 now, a $6,200 lead over Ed in second place. She bet $3,500 and thought it was Othello. That was WRONG.

This guy kills his wife Emilia after she reveals his unjust adultery accusations. show

Ed found the last Daily Double in “Off the Ground” under the $1,200 clue. Ed was catching up very nicely and was now in second place with $12,000, only $700 less than Audrey’s lead. He bet $4,000 and he was RIGHT.

Russia’s An-225 Mriya has the largest current wingspan of any plane at 290′, but it’s still 30′ short of this 1947 plane. show

Ed finished in the lead with $18,000. Audrey was next with $12,700 and Andy was in third place with $3,400.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


The partial quote comes from “The Wealth of Nations.” Adask’s Law has an article that sets forth the entire quote: “The progress of the enormous debts which at present oppress, and will in the long-run probably ruin, all the great nations of Europe has been pretty uniform,” observing that “In A.D. 1776, virtually every great nation was subject to self-destruction as a consequence of great debt. The same is true today.”

Andy thought it was Alexander Hamilton. He bet and lost it all.

Audrey got it right. She doubled down and finished with $25,400.

Ed came up with Hamilton, too. He lost his $7,401 bet and finished with $10,599. That meant that Audrey Watkins-Fox won and she will be the returning champ tomorrow.

Final Jeopardy! Results: 9-15-15

During the chat, Audrey talked about how she is learning Swedish because she loves Greta Garbo and ABBA. She said she hopes to try it out in Sweden some day. Well, she’s got the loot to pay for her trip now!

2 years ago:: Only ONE of the players got this FJ in “U.S. Places”

A logo on this town’s website includes its incorporation date, 1981, as well as the historic date December 17, 1903. show

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