Final Jeopardy: Days of the Week

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18 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    on the poetry DD that Cooper got, there was a $1600 clue about the same poem back on 12/21/2012: Emily Dickinson wrote, “I’m” this! “Who are you? Are you” this “too?”

    Two of the adults took wrong guesses and the third one didn’t ring in.

    Emily Dickinson — the Queen of the Dashes. This is an 8 line poem with 9 dashes.

  2. jacobska says:

    Checking the last 5 teen tournaments there had been at least one senior in the finals. Of those 5 finals 4 seniors won and 1 junior won. It is odd that this year there will be no seniors whatsoever playing in the finals.

    Tomorrow there will be 2 Juniors and 1 Sophomore playing. Unless something really odd happens like all players get zero, which I don’t anticipate, there will be no senior in the finals this year.

  3. john blahuta says:

    for once bets that made sense. and 2 out of 3 in fj – not too bad!!

  4. jacobska says:

    Great game. Fantastic scores. Cooper is really sharp.

    This young man is all business. Not intimidated by a senior. Great watching him play.

    • jacobska says:

      Just thought of something. No seniors left in the tournament. Tomorrow will have 2 Juniors and 1 Sophomore.

  5. william k says:

    Nice scores! Too bad they can’t take that home as cash, but at least one of them has a shot the grand prize in the two day Final.

    Tomorrow: Go Kat, Go!

    • VJ says:

      Congrats, Bill. You were right (but at least the goddess Selena picked started with V).

      Gotta say this was a tough game for me to watch with the dirty looks Cooper kept shooting Joe maybe not every time but a lot of the times he got there first.

      • william k says:

        Interesting insight. I’m going to watch this one in a bit, so I’ll be looking closely for the gamesmanship stuff.

        You were right about the kids honing in on “v” for viernes, and I would have upped the over/under to 2, 2.5-ish based on your comment. I didn’t immediately think, Venus, myself so I was pretty sure at least one would miss on that Final.

        • john blahuta says:

          when you have an idea about latin and romance languages – , just the most basic things like numbers, days etc. are the first things you learn (except cursing..:-) ) – you had to figure out that V E N is present in french,italian, (italian being the closest successor to latin. and how many roman goddesses have a VEN in their names, leave alone start with those 3 letters? i have not seen the show yet – airs in a little over 2 hours – but i am surprised that selena missed it. on the other hand it is REALLY encouraging to see that our younger generation is more versed in history and languages than, say, the “middle ages”. if that fj would have been in a regular game with the contestants between 35-50, i am not so sure that we would have gotten more than 1 correct response (if any at all).but that’s just imo, one i formed over a long time, in seeing really smart people completely whiff when it came to (non american) history or foreign languages.

      • jacobska says:

        Not fair to say, vj, Joe was doing the same thing to Cooper when he buzzed in first. Just two guys having a competitive shootout. Great game to watch.

        • VJ says:

          OK, I will take your word for it if I don’t have a chance to watch the match over, though I didn’t notice it from Joe.

        • jacobska says:

          @vj, I watched it and recorded it. Then watched the recording. When all 3 were talking to Alex at the end Joe appeared not too pleased still. I would imagine as a senior it’s tough being defeated by a 10th grader. But, heck Joe is off to MIT next month. You can’t beat that. It was just a highly competitive game in my opinion.

        • VJ says:

          yeah no doubt between the 2 of them, Cooper and Joe knew 95% of the material and it was just a matter of buzzer speed.

          I just watched the first round over and see what you mean though I didn’t notice it the first time. Joe smiled a lot. After Joe missed that blubber one though, it even looked like he said something like “damn it”. lol. But it still came off more like he was mad at himself.

    • jacobska says:

      Congratulations Bill. You called it. I thought all 3 would get fj. Blew this one, but, my friend called it right so I’m happy.