Final Jeopardy: Judges

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12 Responses

  1. aaaa says:

    L”Uke” $2000, name an island that’s a province of Thailand that fits the category, essentially is the clue. 47/57 here

  2. rhonda says:

    I enjoyed listening to the clip about the case, thanks for posting it, VJ.
    I believe there was a question having to do with Thailand, do you recall what it was?

    • VJ says:

      glad you liked the clip, Rhonda. This was the way the clue was worded: Thailand island called the “Pearl of the South”

  3. Mathwiz100 says:

    Sorry, Rhonda. Ellen was enjoyable to have on the show, but Pranjal earned his victory fair and square.

    So Jeopardy is doing the Bible theme once again… classic. Haven’t seen the match yet of course, so I’ll ask ahead of time… @VJ: any categories that you especially enjoyed today?

    I will also give credit to Carolyn for knowing who the first ever Supreme Court justice is. Though that makes me wonder all the more how she did not think of John Marshall.

    The significance of the $3210 bet: that was obviously a reference to the Nokia 3210, because Pranjal was also indestructible today. ;)

    • rhonda says:

      Yes, you were right, Mathwiz. I was disappointed that Ellen didn’t win, but Pranjal was a stronger player.
      I thought John Jay was a good guess on Carolyn’s part.

    • VJ says:

      @Mathwiz, I was a bit too stressed today to really enjoy this match and the hopping around didn’t help much, but the Revelation category was my fav.

      Other reactions:. I was surprised on the reversal. Didn’t see anything vague about the “un-friend-ly” hint particularly the way it was hyphenated. LOL.

      I loved the Browning DD (love his poems). I would have liked the 9430 clue better if they used another Valjean alias instead of 24601 but it was a first row clue so it was still good

      • rhonda says:

        I was surprised on the reversal, too. At first, I thought the reversal was going to be for the Beezelbub pronunciation, that would have made sense to me.

        • VJ says:

          @Rhonda – Nah, no Bee-zel-bub reversals. He needed an L to get it, though he could’ve said it as one syllable like” beal”

      • rhonda says:

        I thought I heard him say the l, VJ lol.

  4. William Weyser says:

    My guess of the significance of the $3,210 bet is that Pranjal was trying to count down like this; 3, 2, 1, 0.