Final Jeopardy: 19th Century Americans

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6 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    I added to the info segment to show who Susan B. Anthony voted for. The Swarthmore article has a quote from a letter she wrote to Elizabeth Cady Stanton: “Well I have been & gone done it! Positively voted the republican ticket—strait—this A.M. at 7 o’clock & swore my vote in at that.”

    • Tom Clark says:

      Did you know Horace Greeley died less than a month after the election? It’s hard to say that if he won, therefore he’d never have been inaugurated, because losing (and other problems) might have been what killed him.

  2. VJ says:

    @Jacob – wowee, never would have came up with those two answers as possible misses.

    • jacob ska says:

      VJ, you’re right. Never envisioned those responses.

      Shocked by the triple stumper on Ascorbic Acid for Vitamin C. Thought that was common knowledge.

      Congrats to Jennifer on her 2nd win. She wrote her response really quick.

      • VJ says:

        Where are they getting these VERY tall guys from? At the end, it looked like Lawrence was almost as tall as Ben who towered over everyone for two days.

        • jacob ska says:

          I liked Julia saying “alright” after each of her responses. If she had said it 3 times she would have been a female version of Matthew McConaughey. lol