Final Jeopardy: 18th Century Names

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11 Responses

  1. jacob ska says:

    So did I. My mind drifted back to the game when Aaron Rodgers beat Mark Kelly in the science category. :)

  2. SG says:

    I found it humorous that the Navy pilot only got one of the aviation questions. I expected him to run the category.

  3. aaaa says:

    Stew said Kays instead of Kay for the jewelry store chain name in It’s Over Between Us $800, the last correct response in DJ!. I and some on Jboard though that would have been overturned after the commercial break before DJ! If it had been overturned, Kelly would have won her fourth game assuming she wagered high enough in FJ!, and made the TofC field at least temporarily. She also should have gone True DD on the ELlis Island DD and that would have kept the game from being a lock if she had.

  4. Surprised yet not they left Canadian category in opening round till very end. Alex Trebek for years worked as journalist at the CBC featured in one clue. Always fascinating and baffling to see what categories the contestants seem to perceive as ify!
    As a books not bombs pacifist and great-grandson of longtime No. 2 official at Boston Public Library, I was sorry to see the nice librarian lady from Tulsa OK lose today. Especially to some military guy.

  5. rhonda says:

    Does anyone remember what the answer was to the first clue in Oscar winning songs?

  6. VJ says:

    More clues from this match are online now — 6 triple stumpers and the Sports category that Stew gave all the right answers to. I guess the audience doesn’t consider it running the category if someone else buzzes in, even if the answer is wrong, because they didn’t clap. Stew got the $200 clue, then Kelly buzzed in on the $400 clue and Stew picked it up on the rebound and ran the rest.

    I did not put this triple stumper in on the archive because I wanted to show it here: FROM THE FOREIGN ($1600) You don’t have to be part of it to know “intelligentsia” is from this language

    Alex read the word with a faux Italian accent causing Kelly to guess Italian. Then Stew said Latin and Gary said Greek. Alex said the right answer was Russian. The Online Etymology Dictionary mentions Russian, Latin and Italian

  7. Tom Clark says:

    This is a coincidence, because Peter Shaffer, the author of the play and movie AMADEUS, died today!