Final Jeopardy: British Cities

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11 Responses

  1. Cece says:

    It has been a while since a woman won, hasn’t it?

    Not a good game. Some of the TS were, idk, what’s the word I’m looking for.

    And I don’t remember in recent memory someone not being able to get out of the hole on a DD.

  2. jacob ska says:

    Thanks vj & Doris.

    Remember how the contestants flamed out Monday on the Canadian Cities category? I just figured if contestants were clueless about a neighboring country to the north of us they might be clueless across the Atlantic. I really didn’t know for sure. It was just a hunch.

  3. doris s says:

    I am very disappointed, and a rather strange wager by Jami. But congratulations to her though I think she will not repeat tomorrow.
    Congratulations to jacob for the right prediction as well.
    Even though JJ crossed it out and replaced it by a (wrong)answer, but AGINCOURT??
    At least Cornwall is in England though not a city but the southwesternmost COUNTY in England.The category was BRITISH cities..
    The battle of Agincourt was between the English and French but it is still in FRANCE!
    You had the right prediction but unfortunately the pleasant surprise you were hoping for did not materialize.You must have known that anything foreign lowers the % of solutions, but one can always hope, right? A real shame though that nobody came close. Even London is about 1 1/2 hours away, leave alone Liverpool. To place Liverpool in the south of England hurt me (I am a Liverpool and Barcelona fan).

    • jacob ska says:

      Yep, these responses shocked me. Blew me out of the water. :(

      • VJ says:

        back in the 60s, there was a lot of stuff about Liverpool because of the Beatles. One I remember (because it rhymed) was a Noxema commercial on the radio that had a guy with a British accent. It went like this:

        I took my girl to Liverpool
        We never go there as a rule
        But she wanted to hear lots of jazz
        And Liverpool has plenty of pizazz
        But then her face broke out in bumps
        I never liked my pie with lumps
        I told her to use Noxema
        The medicated cream of the cream-a

        Now that my brother is gone, I might be the only person who remembers that besides the one who wrote it. LOL.

  4. VJ says:

    Congrats, Jacob. You nailed that one. I pretty much lost hope after they didn’t know who wrote “Hope springs eternal….” but I sure wasn’t expecting the answers they gave!

    • jacob ska says:

      Thanks vj. I began to lose hope when they didn’t recognize the picture of the Kremlin or the picture of the recent appointed Attorney General for the United States Loretta Lynch.

      She has been in the news a lot even if the show was taped in March. But the clue indicated it could be a solve. If they had missed Lena Horne’s picture I would have had a few drinks afterwards. :)

      I did like the “Courses at Caltech” category though.

  5. Eric S says:

    Pete, with a bet of 1801 would be returning. As I made a point of last year, Game Theory is the single most important thing to learn in preparation for this game.