Final Jeopardy: Dog Breeds

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  1. TaiwanBill says:

    I also was bitten (in the stomach) by a Doberman Pinscher (named Mitzi), around 1946, in Bedford NH.

  2. Mya says:

    Thanks for this information., Our local ABC channel switched to weather just at 7:25 Eastern time, meaning we could not see Final.

  3. Dalton Higbee says:

    Back in 2007, when one player failed to make it to Final, both players left standing bet nothing.

    • Richard Corliss says:

      Can you give us a clue please?

      • Dalton Higbee says:

        This man’s return to the U.S. in 1824, 47 years after his first trip here, added splendor to James Monroe’s presidential term. The correct response was Marquis de Lafayette. Jesse Berry won his first game.

        • Richard Corliss says:

          Oh, Tuesday, June 19, 2007, Susan didn’t wager any of her $9,800 and Kai-Ning finished the Double Jeopardy! round with -$4,400

  4. Lou says:

    This was a pretty easy final because I’ve seen a ton of jack Russell terrier in around Connecticut and they are super friendly. I was hoping Tanya would win again, but she did well. Also VJ, do you have kids that like German shepherds or jack Russell terrier dogs and retrievers?

    • VJ says:

      @Lou, we have a cat. When I was very little I got bit by a Doberman (another breed named for a person). So I have always stayed away from big dogs. But, back in the day, I had two little Pekingese (not at the same time).

      Now only my son’s wife has a dog , a Shih-Tzu and they also have a cat — Pickles the attack cat. She is very pretty but very anti-social. LOL!

      • Lou says:

        So sorry u had a traumatized experience with a dog bite, but glad you ‘ve recovered. I always thought that most cats are more sociable around people and kids. I wonder if you also remember that show wishbone?

        • rhonda says:

          Lou, I remember Wishbone. My son used to watch it and I’d watch it with him, it was such a cute show. Wishbone imagined himself as the title character in various books.

        • VJ says:

          @Lou and Rhonda, I don’t think the kids watched Wishbone that much. At that time, they really liked Kidsongs. They liked other shows, but I had a bunch of VCR tapes of Kidsongs and they could watch them “on demand” before it was called “on demand” lol

  5. VJ says:

    I must admit I was hoping that Tanya would pull off another 25K+ win. Ah well, she certainly made the most of her 2 games. That ending had to be a lot more painful for Matthew.

    LINK: 9 more clues from the match

    • Lou says:

      By the way, wishbone that pbs dog show is also a jack Russell Terrier, I’m assuming that Tanya never watched wishbone so that’s why she missed.the final jeopardy question.

  6. Babs says:

    I knew the answer. Probably because when my kid was younger, I would take her to a local annual horse show where one of the popular events was the jack Russell terrier races. Yes, that’s a thing. I did not understand matthew’s wager at all!

    • VJ says:

      Hi Babs, Thanks for the info about the JRT races :) Another thing on the topic I was reading today was that the Prince of Wales (and later King Edward VII) was good friends with Rev. Russell (and probably a great many of the fox-hunting nobility of the time)

      P.S. I moved your comment over here because the comments on Spoiler Talk get deleted after a week!

  7. aaaa says:

    Mackenzie won due to inoptimal wagering from Matthew. 40/59 here

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