Final Jeopardy: European Cities

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13 Responses

  1. Marc says:

    Lol, nope! I just happened to learn of it a few days ago from an article. Jeopardy!

  2. Marc says:

    Am I crazy or did I just see this same question asked recently on the show??

  3. jacob ska says:

    VJ, nice and factual summation. As always you are on top of facts. ;)

    • jacob ska says:

      Of course, I’m referring to the Euro and the ECB headquartered in Frankfurt, VJ. ;)

      • VJ says:

        Thanks Jacob :) This win puts Andrew ahead of Elliot Yates on the TOC list in terms of $$ (they have the same # of wins).

        • Cece says:

          I hope Andrew wins tomorrow so he’ll be a 5-day winner. I hate when they get 4 wins and then lose on the 5th day, like Elliot did. I’d like to see Elliot in the TOC — I really liked him.

          This may sound crazy, but there’s something about Andrew that reminds me of Jennings — maybe his demeanor, or his profile, something…

        • VJ says:

          I had that Jennings feeling about him the first day he was on there, too, so I don’t think it’s crazy. Looks-wise only and just an impression, not totally.

          I hate when they get 2 wins and then lose on the 3rd day. :0

  4. jacob ska says:

    Congrats JB on your 1 prediction correct solve.

    • doris s says:

      And Zuerich was mentioned…I almost wrote Amsterdam too but was in a hurry. Please don’t refer to me by my boyfriend’s initials. I don’t need him to voice my opinion.

      • jacob ska says:

        Oops. Freudian slip. Wasn’t aware there was a connection. Had him on my mind because of your vast knowledge of my background. Felt like I was talking with him. Got caught up in the moment.

        Don’t communicate with people’s significant other out of respect.

        • doris s says:

          Wouldn’t call it significant. We agree and disagree about a lot of things, so it’s never boring. But suit yourself.

        • Eric S says:

          I can’t seem to get Anthony Perkins out of my mind now.