Final Jeopardy: Business

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22 Responses

  1. jacob ska says:

    People who provide financial backing for startup businesses are referred to as “angel investors” which is what Shark Tank is about.

  2. jacob ska says:

    Aaron Rodgers getting a lot of press coverage for winning on Jeopardy. Mark Kelly was disappointing in the Physical Science category. Rodgers beat him on the buzzer in giving “reactions” as a correct response in Physical Science.

    I have a difficult time describing Kevin 0′ Leary as an entrepreneur. The guy has lost so much money in his lifetime and as Jeopardy showed he’s not the sharpest pencil in the box.

    Congrats Aaron Rodgers even though you fumbled fj. As always, you showed you are THE MAN!

    • VJ says:

      entrepreneur: a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

      successful entrepreneur: a person who succeeds at the above

      • jacob ska says:

        LOL! Dictionary definitions. Not from business textbooks or the real world of business. Those are small business owner definitions extrapolated from the internet. As Warren Buffett says “want to be a millionaire? Start out with a billion dollars and invest in the airline industry.”

        Any business grad student who’s given the above definitions needs to demand a refund from the Business School and get rid of the professor who taught those generic terms.

        • jacob ska says:

          O’Leary is a joke in the business world. He’s like a fish out of water and only one business channel gives him the time of day. He is a celebrity in that he stars on Shark Tank. End of story! Nothing more and nothing less.

    • doris s. says:

      Read my post?

  3. VJ says:

    Elijah noticed that they updated the CotD today — but they put that first DD on, not FJ. Well, that’s something anyhow. Better than looking at last Fri’s clue all week :)

    Mark and Kevin were picking their clues and answering rather slowly today, making me wonder if we were gonna see all 3 DDs, but in the second round, there were only two clues left on the board.

    A lot of clues are being left on the board because the chats are longer. They didn’t get to a whole category and one clue in Forebears in the first round today.

    • Cece says:

      I also thought Mark & Kevin were moving too slow. I was kind of impressed by Aaron’s and surprised by Mark’s performances — as they say “never judge a book…”

      It was funny when Alex asked at FJ: What object do you see? (or some like that). I myself didn’t know those were motorcycles.

      • VJ says:

        LOL! I agree. I didn’t know they were motorcycles either and when Alex said that I thought, huh! weirdest looking motorcycles I ever saw. They looked like weird bicycles to me.

      • doris s. says:

        An astronaut has toknow a lot more than meets the eye. I thought Mark would win.

  4. aaaa says:

    Mark could have won the match with a wager of $0-$198 as it was a 2/3 game, but oh well. Recent years Celeb J! had $20K and I think even $25K guarantees for second place, but they cut it to $10K.

    • doris s. says:

      Even 200 would have given him the victory.
      8.600 minus 200=8.400.Since Aaron ended up with 8.399 by betting 4.401, Mark would have beaten him by a buck .I thought Mark would win…I guess there are also smart Qbs in the NFL…

  5. Eric S says:

    I do try to be positive, but: in the hole? Wow.
    Cal’s moment in the sun was clouded by Ernst &Young.

    • doris s. says:

      And an ” entrepreneur”…I wonder how his company is doing. Probably ok if Kevin lets other people do the work…
      I didn’t catch it,what is he “entrepreneuring” anyway ? The name does not ring a bell at all, so…”celebrity”?
      Ah well, still better than K.K.who seems to be always in the hole, one way or another..:):)

      • doris s. says:

        Just googled him.Investor,financial commentator and TV personality. Oh boy, do I want to invest in his “activities”!!

        • doris s. says:

          Yet his company was later acquired by Mattel in an $8.3 BILLION stock swap. Go figure. Never mind that this purchase by Mattel was later called one of the most disastrous acquisitions in HISTORY. Maybe I should start a company with 10K seed money from somebody. Who knows, I might be a billionaire before I know it!!

        • jacob ska says:

          Lol. Kevin is no longer a billionaire. That’s why he has a tv show.

        • VJ says:

          yeah, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s just a millionaire now – like 400 million.

        • jacob ska says:

          @vj, those of us in the business world are very familiar with the mistakes people make who take stock deals.

          Mattel is hurting financially and his net worth went down the drain with it. True entrepreneurs like Sara Blakely of Spanx know how to build products that make them billionaires and grow their wealth. :) :)