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Final Jeopardy: American History

Published on April 23, 2012 by   ·   1 Comment

The Final Jeopardy question (4/23/2012), in the category “American History” was:

This state is known as the “Cockpit of the Revolution” for all the battles there, including a pivotal one in December 1776.

Two day champ Dan Adkinson was back to take a shot at a 3-day champion run today. His opponents are Cindy Vanderbur, from Madison, IN and Mike Garrett from Kamloops, British Columbia.

Dan found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Book Learnin’.” He had $1,000, $400 more than Cindy in second place. Mike was negative $200. Dan risked it all on this Video Daily Double and he was RIGHT.

Technically, a page is only one side of each sheet of paper. The two-sided sheet is called this.


Cindy finished in the lead with $8,400. Dan was second with $4,400 and Mike was last and out of the hole with $200.

Mike found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “Time Pieces.” He was still in last place, only he had $1,400 by now. He chose to bet the $2,000 allowance but he did not know. He took a shot with ’2001′ rather than say nothing, but that was WRONG so he went straight back in the hole.

‘The ghostly white-clad figure descended the ladder’ was the lead for a cover story in July of this year.


Cindy found the last Daily Double in the category “Waterfalls.” She was still in the lead, only now she had $11,600, $4,400 more than Dan. She bet $4,000. She took a guess, too, and she was RIGHT.

Add ‘s’ to a Frank Lloyd Wright House & you get this: Florida’s tallest cataract.


Cindy finished in the lead with an uncatchable $17,200. Mike was next with $8,200 and Dan was last with $6,400.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“From August 1776, when the British drove the Continental Army out of New York, until 1783, when the British evacuated New York, northeastern New Jersey knew no peace. Between major military campaigns, army foraging parties “purchased” livestock and crops at gunpoint and neighbors settled political differences through murder and kidnapping.” Revolutionary Cockpit of the Revolution

Dan wrote down North Carolina. He lost $6,399 and wound up with $1.

Mike got it right and added $4,601 to come out with $12,801.

Cindy also got it right although she was making all these weird faces like she got it wrong. She bet $799 so she won the game with a total of $17,999. She finally gave a little shrug and smiled.

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  1. deana says:

    that cindy, was such a weirdo..I’m glad she’s not on, anymore!!

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