Final Jeopardy: Composers

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10 Responses

  1. Dalton Higbee says:

    How why Kristin Sausville would tie Justin Sausville’s number of wins? Huh! Maybe Kristin Sausville would be all way to the semifinals, evenly perhaps.

  2. yeahyman says:

    Bach and Handel are arguably the two most well known composers from the Baroque era

    even if one does not know the exact DOB of both composers it does not matter

  3. john blahuta says:

    so both predictions came true. we have a new champ and one player missed the second

    btw , herbert was secretary of war from 1859-1861….just off by roughly a century.

    kristin picked another j.b., johannes brahms. maybe because brahms, bach and beethoven were sometimes referred to as the ” 3 B” composers, although they worked in different eras. actually, no 2 of them were ever alive at the same time:
    bach: 1685-1750

    for carte blanche you needed to know just a little about european history/ww I.(or just french for that matter..)

    so 3 misses in 3 rather easy clues regarding europe and european history (crimean war, ww I which was primarily a european war, the u.s. entered when it was almost over (and because france talked the states into it) , and a complete wrong timeline in european composers. seems europe is kristin’s weak side.
    lack of basic math did colin in yesterday, europe did kristin in today. since she will be in the ToC, maybe she should beef up on the old world a little..??

    had she gotten the 2 dd clues right, she would have had 6.400 more and finished in the lead. she still would have lost because of brahms and since andrea got her bet right in the current situation, i guess she (andrea) would have won as well had she been second, adjusting her bet accordingly and since she got fj right.

  4. yeahyman says:

    brahms a baroque composer?


    deserved to lose

  5. Leena says:

    Sob sob. Kristin could have won. Nobody will get to six won’t they? WHY!?

    • Tom Clark says:

      Because she didn’t know much about classical music, that’s why.

      Putting Brahms in the Baroque is like saying Elvis Presley sang “Yankee Doodle” at the White House for President Thomas Jefferson. That’s how far off it is and strange it sounds for anyone who knows even the basic facts of classical music.

      • Eric S says:

        Let’s see Tom, one statement has two variables, the other three. One is within the correct century, the other is not even close. That simply does not seem like a fair comparison.

    • VJ says:

      Well, she had a good run and won a lot of dough. Just goes to show ya that it’s hard to cover every topic that may come up, even if you’ve been preparing a long time. Kristin did have a bunch of categories down, capitals, directors, flags, etc. and she did quite well. You’ll be seeing her again in the TOC.

      • john blahuta says:

        everybody loses at some point. even ken did.
        and i am almost 100% sure that his winning streak became boring, ratings dropped. so he had to lose.
        every child knows that FedEx is working 365/366 days a year. ken thought “you want me to lose, i’ll give you a REAL stupid answer” and wrote down FedEx when he KNEW imo that H & R Block was the right one. when you watch the tape of ken’s game, he smiles, tongue in cheek, just stopping short of thumbing his nose at jeopardy… call me paranoid, but there was NO WAY that he would give FedEx as a serious answer.that was SO outlandish that even ken had to restrain himself from laughing.
        just watch the tape!

        carte blanche is an international expression. and since germany and austria both speak german,it’s clear that the ok by germany to austria had to be either an internatinal phrase or in german, certainly not in english (“understanding memorandum)???
        memorandum of understanding would have been the correct phrasing, but between english speaking countries or countries that speak different languages. even “carte blanche” was kind of fancy by the kaiser…i guess diplomatic lingo? but germany and austria?? kristin had a real short there, as well as in fj. the lives of bach,beethoven and brahms NEVER even overlapped.
        if she concentrates a little on europe and european affairs she will be a serious force to be reckoned with in the ToC.good luck to her,she is one of only 3 five time winners so far and i doubt we will have many more.