Final Jeopardy: World Capitals

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5 Responses

  1. Nomi says:

    Well, I read the FJ clue here 5 mins ago and my thought immediately went to the Korean Peninsula and I thought Seoul and Pyongyang, discarded it for obvious reasons, and settled on Seoul and Beijing. Then clicked on “show” and saw that I had been close but no cigar. But at least I was in the vicinity, which means I did better than all other FikkleFame users who have commented here.

    So I win, and yes, a pat on the back for myself, and a smug look to the left…Good Grief! I’m acting like the despicable Chu! :)

  2. john blahuta says:

    again, in hindsight i think “peninsula” was the most importan part of the clue. 20/20….

  3. aaaa says:

    Inoptimal wagering by second place for sure.

    • john blahuta says:

      maybe, but in this case it didn’t matter, since matt was in the lead, got it RIGHT and wagered the necessary amount to win. but you are principally right. you have to hope the leader gets it wrong and wagered enough to fall under your total. (where sometimes the third place has to be considered …..)

  4. john blahuta says:

    one HAD to be moscow, because of endless siberia, but for the second city i was at a complete loss. i did not know that n.k has a border with russia, but then it is a very short one.