Final Jeopardy: Dual-Use Terms

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15 Responses

  1. Kenneth Tupper says:

    I don’t see the correct response for the dual use clue. What is it?

    • VJ says:

      Don’t know how you’re missing it. It’s under the line where it says how many contestants got it right, and the number is written out in all caps. In this case TWO.

  2. VJ says:

    I almost forgot to post this list I found on the Weekly Top 40 blog for the week ending January 25, 1964. It shows when the Beatles first got in the Top 10 with “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” The second number in parentheses is the chart position from the week before. Look at that leap from No. 45 to No. 3!

    1 (1) There! I’ve Said It Again – Bobby Vinton
    2 (2) Louie Louie – the Kingsmen
    3 (45) I Want to Hold Your Hand – the Beatles
    4 (5) Surfin’ Bird – the Trashmen
    5 (3) Popsicles and Icicles – the Murmaids
    6 (9) Out of Limits – the Marketts
    7 (7) Hey Little Cobra – the Rip Chords
    8 (4) Forget Him – Bobby Rydell
    9 (14) Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um – Major Lance
    10 (10) Drag City – Jan and Dean

    Poor Bobby Rydell. Knocked down to No. 8 that week. Such a great voice and that was his last Top 10 hit.

  3. Dalton Higbee says:

    I think Philip Tiu will miss out on the Tournament of Champions, which so many people are surprised to see.

    • William Weyser says:

      I don’t want Philip Tiu to miss out on the Tournament Of Champions. If he does, I will be really upset, but congratulations to Lisa on her 4th win, and Susan Cole, the legislative librarian, back to the books.

    • Lou says:

      Michael Bilow made it to the TOC in 2015 so I don’t think Phillip will miss this one since he qualified with 96000 dollars. I don’t think Laurie will be in the TOC because you have to score in the upper 90s and be a three time or more to be in the tournament

      • William Weyser says:

        You’re right that Laurie MacDougall won’t be in the TOC, because whoever wins the College Championship will bump her off.

  4. jacob ska says:

    VJ, thanks for the kind words. This was a fantastic match to watch. Very smart contestants. Did Alex have to share with all of us he was wearing thermal underwear? I hope he was just trying to interject some humor. :) :)

    Congrats to the champ. I hope she wins tomorrow.

  5. Lou says:

    Congrats to Lisa on her 4th win. Also that casino category wasn’t that difficult as Julie is a tax attorney. she should not have confused craps table with a roulette table. Also VJ, when was the last time you have been to a casino and played Texas hold em or craps and have you won any money on those games?

    I finally knew that Lisa would save the day since we have waited 3 weeks for a four time champion and it finally happened.

    • VJ says:

      @Lou, I guess the players just don’t gamble much. Julie didn’t get the clue on craps right but, like Alex said, she jumped right on that FJ, knowing a lot about music.

      I have never played Texas hold’em myself and I didn’t get that clue. When I lived in NJ, I used to go to Atlantic City. I liked to play roulette but they gave you better comps for playing slots so I switched. I played craps a few times and had great beginner’s luck once. Didn’t make much because I didn’t know how to bet. Other players made a bundle during that streak. A couple came up and thanked me. That made me feel super dumb. lol

      I only went to Louisiana once since I’ve been down here.

  6. aaaa says:

    Alex didn’t mention Sports Jeopardy in the wake of the Dan Patrick reference in DJ!

  7. Bob says:

    Anyone know what the homage to DeNiro was about? All of the 2nd round categories were related to him.

    • VJ says:

      idk, Bob, seemed like just a category theme to me. At first I thought maybe it was to hype his new movie “The Comedian” but I didn’t hear Alex say anything about it. I only remember De Niro being in that one clue in King of Comedy.

      I guess they thought changing the spelling for a category about Nero was clever.

  8. aaaa says:

    52/61. Over $10K in triple stumper money including the missed DD

  9. VJ says:

    Congrats to Lisa on her 4th win. Super! And congrats to Jacob on your hint being spot-on and your correct prediction. Perhaps the stars have shifted as we enter February!

    I imagined some French people fainting over that Bellboy clue. lol

    LINK 8 more clues from the match. (I did these as fast as I could because we’re going out for dinner so if I made any mistakes, can’t fix ’em till later.)