Final Jeopardy: U.S. Legislation

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12 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    I showed the Brookfield Zoo category to my granddaughter. She burst out laughing at the little penguin. I told her it was saying “hit the bricks, Jimmy.” Kudos to Jimmy for carrying on with the clue.

    $1,000 – On the red list of threatened species, the Humboldt penguin undergoes severe population fluctuations caused by this recurring oceanic event that brings unwanted warm air to its home on the West Coast of South America

    I would have been laughing my head off. I looked on their Facebook but they didn’t feature Squawky so here’s a link to the zoo’s spheniscus humboldti page :):)

    • Cece says:

      Leave it to South American Penguins! I was laughing my head off just watching it. On that page it says they are shy—yeah, right!

      There was another creature acting up on a different clue, iirc. I remember thinking, I be running….

  2. aaaa says:

    $600 or less, not $400

    • EricS says:

      There’s a lot more to it than that. It’s an interesting situation, because his optimal bet is (assuming 600 is not allowed) 601. That covers the potential double-up by Greg. However, I am not sure that bet is allowed , because a triple stump would give him the exact amount (7599) as Liz: a tie. Since she was able to bet to get to that amount, I wonder if they allow tie-betting on the low side.

  3. aaaa says:

    JOn should have wagered $400 or less to win on the triple stumper as this is a 2/3 game

  4. aaaa says:

    42/59 here. SUrprised part of the correct response was given in the FJ! clue

  5. rhonda says:

    I know, I couldn’t believe his answer either. I was also surprised that no one knew “cub” reporter. And I could have sworn that that “lead” was misspelled in the same category, where the answer was “buried”, or maybe I was seeing things?

  6. VJ says:

    @Rhonda, apparently Jon must have thought the same thing as your initial reaction. I was just flabbergasted