Final Jeopardy: 19th Century Vice Presidents

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4 Responses

  1. Alyson Murray says:

    And then there was the time I posted a snarky riposte on the WRONG BLOG, because I had too many windows open. Mea culpa. Probably I lost because I’m an idiot. Or a drunk, as I freely admitted to Alex.

    • vj says:

      uh, OK, Alyson, that explains it — I never criticize anybody’s bets because my own math skills leave a lot to be desired. I have been chased away from more blackjack tables than I care to remember.

  2. Alyson Murray says:

    You know, as a note…it’s an easy thing for you to criticize our bets, as an armchair contestant. When you’re under the lights, and you have to do that snap math in your head (especially after witnessing someone who was VERY good in rehearsal lose it all in a true daily double) you’re hurried, and rattled. I agree that I should have bet more, especially given that I was absolutely running that category (i chuckled a bit at your, “if she’s wrong, she’s done for.”) You talk about buzzer luck, and you’re right. Most of playing that game is buzzer luck…but for me, that category was not. I simply knew all the answers, and they did not. I never really considered that I might get the DD wrong…I just faltered at the math.

    That being said….I will NEVER forgive myself that final jeopardy round. I read it as a trick question, and of course it wasn’t…that freaking milk commercial has been haunting my nightmares ever since taping.

    Kudos to your blog, though. You put more effort into watching that show than I did into appearing on it.

  3. john blahuta says:

    ok, test # 4. let’s see if it works.
    quite impressive, herr specht……
    4 days, 3 runaways and almost 100 k….