Final Jeopardy: 2016 U.S. Olympians

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23 Responses

  1. Cece says:

    I was trying not to do this last night but, OK, I’m gonna be ‘that annoying person’ (never stopped me before). The FJ clue contains a usage error—it should be “If this country were…”, not ‘was’.

    (I know, my grammar is far from perfect but, hey, I’m not a writer.) :):)

  2. Ken Brown says:

    The clue should be “street shoes”, correct?
    Never do it in street shoes.


  3. Ken Brown says:

    Ref. to Jeopardy Archive
    Etiquette from a leading association for this activity includes “never” do it “in street shows”

    the correct answer is What are shoes? Not SHOWS, shoes for bowling, ok?

    • VJ says:

      @Ken – J-Archive has a “suggest a correction” link on each of its games on the bottom, or you can post a message on their JBoard message board. This site is not connected with putting up the games in J-Archive. I just link back to them when I refer to a clue or clues from there. In any event, it looks like that clue is correct now. LINK

      • Myron M. says:

        Even easier, you can click on the clue number to go directly to the correction suggestion form for that clue. I just learned this a couple weeks ago, and I’m an Archivist!

        And yes, minor typos in recently entered games are usually caught pretty quickly. Most current games are entered using OCR software from the show video, so errors will creep in.

        Thanks for your interest.

  4. VJ says:

    If you wanted to know who it was, Jeopardy! tweeted the video of who Ana Navarro would pick from outside of politics for the next president. It was more surprising to me that they didn’t ask her in clue form so she could answer in the form of question :)

    LINK: 11 clues from this match

  5. Antonella Parent says:

    Rip Cindy!!!

  6. lou says:

    Congrats to cindy once again. she can easily surpass tim atens total now. fantastic play from the queen of Austin texas. I wonder if this past summers olympics were from maryland that won gold medals

  7. aaaa says:

    Another Zach here, didn’t know another Zach posted here. 41/57 here.

  8. jacob ska says:

    Wow Cindy! What a fantastic woman.

    I forgot about Ledecky & wasn’t sure where she was from but I knew Phelps had won the most medals & was born & raised in Maryland. Carmelo Anthony & Kevin Durant won gold medals in basketball for the USA team and were raised in Maryland. Only reason I was uncertain was Carmelo was born in NYC & Durant was born in DC.

    Only thing to work with was Phelps born & raised in Maryland. Since he earned his 23rd career gold medal in 2016 he was the only person to work with in CotD imo.

  9. aaaa says:

    Seems as though Julie should have wagered over $5K to get a lock game going into FJ! if the DD was the last clue of the round.. She didn’t and Cindy gets bits of luck again to win her sixth game, as Julie didn’t get FJ! right and Cindy did.

    • EricS says:

      I think there may have been a handful of clues left, but I was thinking 5000 when I watched it. Hard to watch, tbh

    • James says:

      You are correct — a $5000 wager with her correct answer would have given her a lock game, while an incorrect answer would have still left her in the lead and in the same competitive position. Cindy is terrific — but it doesn’t hurt to have a little luck in addition to a whole lot of skill.

  10. Zach says: