Final Jeopardy: International Motoring

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5 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    I hope we see the clue of the day on Monday, too !!

  2. john blahuta says:

    so we are 5 for 15 for the week…33.33%

    for me this was easy, because i drove in all 3 countries myself. the dubcek dd was also easy for me, since i served in the austrian army in 1968/69 when the soviets invaded czechoslovakia…..

  3. jacob ska says:

    Surprised at the triple stumpers under the Economics category on “business cycle” and “quantitative easing.” QE has been in the news a lot.

    Well played game overall especially by Allison. She is sharp. Glad to see Chris bounce back from being in the red on that “spandex” response.

    Loved fj. I expect we will be seeing another EU clue soon since Lithuania is to join the eurozone January 1, 2015 as it will no longer use its current currency after that date.

    • john blahuta says:

      i agree. too bad that the euro is in a dive right now… one of my ss checks comes from austria and is in euros.. lithuania is already a member but will finally switch to the euro. de facto nobody wants or uses the litas anyway, since the economy is so/so. same with hungary, still using the forint. i am surprised though that sweden (a strong country) sticks with the krona. the u.k. is running the euro de facto at least concurrently with the pound. but they won’t kick you out in sweden if you pay with euros, they just might give you a worse exchange rate… :):) no, seriously, the euro is as accepted in sweden as the krona.. just a “safety net” i guess.

      have a good one, jacob !! see you monday as well!!

    • Nullifidian says:

      Forget the economics category, I was amazed that Sophocles was a triple stumper. Does nobody study Oedipus the King in high school anymore? (I’m only 34, so I’m younger or equivalent to all these contestants, and I studied in it in 10th grade World Lit.)