Final Jeopardy: Arlington National Cemetery

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5 Responses

  1. john blahuta says:

    just saw the show. alex said the beatles sang about the mersey. WRONG! BOO HISS! they were from merseyside liverpool, but the song ” Ferry cross the Mersey” was by Gerry and the Pacemakers”….

  2. MJane says:

    The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier wasn’t dedicated until after World War I.

    • john blahuta says:

      ok, and david could have won with a bet of 5.395 or higher. what were they thinking, i ask again?

    • john blahuta says:

      THE Unknown Soldier as in all wars. i believe here the clue – since it said “unknown soldiers (plural)” is of a different meaning. they were unidentified soldiers. THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER tomb -dedicated in 1921- represents the unknown soldier of both world wars, korea and vietnam. why panama, iraq and afghanistan are not represented is beyond me. ww II was the LAST “war”, where the usa formally declared war. korea was a u.n. police action and vietnam was fought under a war “resolution”, panama was an “invasion” and “a state of war” existed. since my only explanation for the missing iraq and afghanistan “unknown” soldier is that the “states of war” are not over yet, i am asking: why is there no “unknown soldier” for panama? the u.s. lost service members during that invasion. and panama is long over. so is “desert storm”, although one could argue that our involvement in iraq never really completely ended (yet). a lot of questions….

  3. john blahuta says:

    strange bet….actually plural, strange bets by all 3. but congratulations anyway!! if the regular game resumes 12/15. 5 days, 5 champs. what can i say except HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYBODY !!!