Final Jeopardy: Inventions

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4 Responses

  1. Henry Okraski says:

    I am in the simulation business. How can I get the video of the FJ segment? It would be wonderful to show STEM students.

    I am the author of “The Wonderful World of Simulation”.

  2. john blahuta says:

    well, what did i tell you, vj! a simulator is taken for so granted that subconsciously they may have thought it came about at the same time as planes. they were not able to make the 80+ year jump in 30 seconds.

    if they had 2 minutes, they might have gotten it. but the winner was already established before fj. and yes, not a single “normal” game this week, 3 runaways and 2 ties!!! but at least they were -sort of- in the ballpark, thinking of the pilot’s safety. no ridiculous answers (just 2, uh, not so smart bets yesterday and the SAME ones by ryan and allison)…

    so it made no difference, like some answers we have seen in the prior weeks… but still not being able to finish the logical thought process in that short 30 seconds.

    you learn driving by taking driving lessons, but you are still in a car and can have an accident. the simulator allows you to “fly” and gather experience safely ON THE GROUND before you ever even get into a cockpit. and all airlines make it mandatory to take a certain number of simulator lessons per year for their pilots, so they can learn how to deal with dangerous situations without having to REALLY face them in the air. when they DO encounter an unusual situation in the air, they have at least a pretty good idea what to do.


  3. Lisa Baker says:

    Loved all the contestants tonight. Allison was my fave.