Final Jeopardy: Shakespeare

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16 Responses

  1. louis says:

    Well i dont really know how julia will fare next week before the teen tournament but i just hope for at least a 5 time champion hopefully. I wonder if this year we will have a teen to qualify for the toc since the champ will get 100k just like with the teachers tournament and the college champs

    • William Weyser says:

      I hope so, Louis! Although, I highly doubt that the teen champion is gonna qualify automatically for the TOC, but you never know.

  2. jacob ska says:

    Amen to that Rhonda.

  3. EricS says:

    According to classical , or any reasonable, Game Theory, Meghan should have won.

  4. VJ says:

    I’ve got 15 clues from this game over here now. Most of them are from Round 2, though. I will put up the last half of the first round in a little bit. Sorry you guys missed it!

    • rhonda says:

      Thanks so much for doing that, VJ!! I was especially annoyed because they only got to 1 clue in the Initialiterature category before the interruption. Thank goodness for you!!

      • VJ says:

        That post is up now Rhonda. I liked this game a lot. Always like games when all 3 players are in contention.

        Ha! All our speculation over whether one name would be acceptable turned out to be moot. Another thought I had: wasn’t Juliet’s last name technically Montague when she died? Friar Laurence married them, right?

  5. rhonda says:

    Anyone else miss the second half of the first round? Yet another unnecessary pre-emption.

  6. jacob ska says:

    I cannot believe the media just interrupted me watching Jeopardy with Hillary Clinton email scandal news. Well, there’s always 7:30 pm.

  7. William Weyser says:

    Man! Friday has not been a good day for correct responses this season. Only 3 correct responses, well on 3 different Fridays, out of 21 attempts.