Final Jeopardy: Olympic Host Cities

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6 Responses

  1. jacob ska says:

    This was a very lethargic game. Too many triple stumpers. Congrats Elliot. Not surprised he came around at the end. Multiple game show players tend to be more at ease I read over the weekend.

    Michael Souveroff Jeopardy 2001 appeared on wheel of fortune and WWTBAM.

    Megan Barnes Jeopardy 2011 appeared on wheel of fortune and WWTBAM.

    Ken Jennings was just on WWTBAM November 2014. In addition to Jeopardy he was also on 1 vs. 100, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader and other
    game show.

    I’m sure there are many others. When it’s in your blood I guess it’s in your blood.

    • VJ says:

      yeah too many triple stumpers and wrong answers — the country category was brutal.

      I guessed the same as Dara. Bzztt!!

      • Cece says:

        Strange game… some of the wrong answers in the first round were to relatively easy clues. I expected fj to be a triple stumper but, happily, Elliot saved the day.

        I flunked fj, too :)

      • Dara G. says:

        It certainly was a brutal category! Congrats to Elliot for getting it right! Was generally a tough game board…

        • john blahuta says:

          i would not say exactly “brutal category”.
          olympic games should be common knowledge.
          i bet most people don’t even know that until and including 1992the games were held the same year, winter and summer olympics. then the change: the next winter olympics: 1994 in lillehammer, 1996 summer olympics in atlanta, ga.
          since then the summer and winter olympics are held 2 years apart.2012 the summer olympics were in london, 2014 the winter games in sochi,2016 the summer games in rio (brazil), 2018 the winter games in south korea etc

        • VJ says:

          We’re talking about the Country Name Origins category in the first round, John, not FJ. Here are the other 3 clues besides the Daily Double (which I also missed and then slapped myself in the head).

          $200 – Just south of Guadeloupe “Sunday”
          $400 – South of Morocco “Land of the Moors”
          $600 – Shiite Central: “Land of the Aryans”