Final Jeopardy: British Musical Theater

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19 Responses

  1. TaiwanBill says:

    Too bad Fred miscalculated his FJ wager; he has a measured approach. I didn’t know that the quotation came from the great Chesterton, from an introduction he wrote for a book on G&S in 1926. I liked his Father Brown mysteries.
    The international community in Taipei produced “The Mikado” in the 1970s at the old Taipei-American school auditorium. A truly fantastic and colorful performance. I tried out for a part, but didn’t get it. My friend Barney Powell made a wonderful Mikado, though. If he hadn’t been a British banker, he could have gone on the stage. He had the air of a comic Laurence Olivier.

  2. JEOPARDY says:

    Kinda hard fj. One at least should get.

  3. aaaa says:

    WIll that underwagering keep Fred from the TofC. If they have it in November 2016, not as likely, but if they wait until February or May 2017 for the next one, it could keep him from the TofC. 49/60 here. An ad for Vinny’s 14 game streak on Sports Jeopardy! on Crackle was heard during the last commercial break, but next week Sports Jeopardy! is having a celebrity game.

  4. Dalton Higbee says:

    Wow! We have yet to have a 5-time champion. Right VJ and Leena.

  5. steven avery says:

    i just watched it and WOW – you gotta bet $1 more then your opponent can reach.

  6. jacob ska says:

    What a way to lose Fred! Why bother to wager 9,201?

  7. VJ says:

    As Snow White once said to the 7 Dwarfs: “How shocking!”

    • Cece says:

      You know you love’em (the 7 D). :):)

      I knew his wagering one day would be his undoing. Ironically, today he seemed less tense and was picking clues faster. Dommage.

      I think the word ‘The” in The old man and the Sea threw Phyllis off in that “O” clue.

      • VJ says:

        LOL. Snow White really does say that in the Disney film, Cece, when she inspects the dwarfs’ hands to see if they are clean.

        I thought the same thing — someone must have told Fred that even the closed captions were picking up his “heavy sighs”.

        Agree on The Old Man, but I still thought Alex’s clue delivery should have telegraphed it. But it worked out okay for her.

        • Cece says:

          I know, in Portuguese she says something like “Que horror!”, lol.

          I’m in TBBT heaven tonight—2 episodes!

        • VJ says:

          Enjoy them :):)

        • Cece says:

          OK, I’ve watched my show and ate my dinner so I want to revisit my comment on the “O” clue.

          What I meant was that the answers were supposed to start with the letter O. Phyllis probably didn’t think The Old Man and the Sea was correct because it doesn’t start with “O”. Yeah, I know an argument could be made that the title would be filed under O (in libraries, etc) but still….

        • EricS says:

          Right! (Of course ) especially when they have had a clue about that title having six words of three letters.

  8. Zach says:

    “$5000, that’s a nice even number!” ugh.

  9. EricS says:

    Beautiful way to end a winning streak: have the lead going into FJ and provide the right response.