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Contest: Margaret Thompson Season 4 Storyline

Published on December 5, 2012 by   ·   10 Comments

Want to win a $25.00 Amazon gift card? All you have to do is write the best Season 4 storyline for Margaret Schroeder Thompson. Even Terence Winter says he doesn’t know where Margaret is going in Season 4, so let’s help him out. We have some ideas and we want to see who else is thinking along the same lines. So, yeah, the winner will be chosen just on the entry we like the most.

In about 50 words, more or less, leave a comment with your synopsis of what the character Margaret Schroeder Thompson’s course will be in Boardwalk Empire Season 4, including how she will figure into Nucky Thompson’s life and mentioning any existing characters who may figure into her storyline.

You can submit silly or improbable stuff if you want like Margaret running into Salvatore Maranzano when he emigrates to Brooklyn in 1925, but that’s not what we’re looking for and it probably won’t win.

Margaret has left Nucky at this point, but they are still legally married — not to mention that any Catholic knows they are married in the eyes of God till death do them part, even one who has just committed a horrible sin and crime, like Margaret.

The BIG QUESTION is why does he want her to come back, after telling Eli that he doesn’t want anyone around them that they don’t already trust? Margaret has got to be the most untrustworthy ho on the show.

Season 3 Recaps: 12345678910 -1112

So leave a comment below and tell us what you think Margaret will be doing in Season 4 of Boardwalk Empire.


This contest starts today, December 5, 2012, and ends on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 11 p.m. Eastern. So it will be over at 10 pm Central Time, 9 pm Mountain and 8 pm Pacific on Saturday.

Don’t copy a plotline already posted and just add to it — if it is too similar, we will go with the one posted first, and of course, one post per email please.

Don’t enter for other people. That was done the last time we ran a contest and we will not award a prize to someone who didn’t even know they entered a contest!

Be sure your email (which is not visible) is correct. We will email the winner first to verify he or she was the person who posted the comment.

We will post the winning entry in a new post so we can expound upon why we love it so much.

Note to spammers. Don’t bother. Any spam post will be summarily deleted.

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. Vicki says:

    Nucky needs Margaret and the children. Like he said she is spoiled for anything else and her place is with him. They both put their cards on the table and have a real marriage (no fooling around anymore). They become true partners in every way. She with her honest charities, he with his gangster business and together build an empire. They compliment each other. Maybe have a child and heal Nucky’s broken heart leaving Mabel to rest in peace. We need to create an unbreakable bond with these two.I would like to see Nucky really give his heart to Margaret and for her to respond in kind. In a pinch she always saves his ass – times two already. There is something there with these two that has not been explored. This could be a great love story & a truce partnership. Margaret is a pretty clever chicky and an intelligent person which is what attracted Nucky to her in the first place. Play that up. No more affairs give us some meat.

  2. Jaquie Fallon says:

    Nucky adores Margaret and the children so returns to him and meets up with the woman who ‘miscarried’. They start a back-street abortion clinic in the back of Mme Jeunet’s shop. It starts with good intentions but they realise that they can make a lot of money from people’s misery and in a roundabout way, Margaret thinks that she can be free of Nucky if she makes enough money. Nucky is dead against abortion and when he finds out, he burns the shop down.

  3. Colleen says:

    P.s. And Nucky raises Jimmy Darmody’s son, a chance at salvation for killing Jimmy

  4. C. O'Malley says:

    To be honest when Margaret and Nucky were on the same page it really worked. Twice she has stepped in (burning his ledger, and after the explosion)and helped get him back on track. Margaret spends the cooling off period thinking about the good that was and is in Nucky. She reaches out to him confirm if he truly wants her and the children back in his life. Both agree no more fooling around. Because of what Nucky has gone through he not only becomes the protector to regain AC but also the protector of his family again. Margaret returns tough deals with the old Dr who would not assist Nucky when Eddie was shot. Either Dr. Mason takes over at the hospital or the Thompsons remove funding and open a private hospital which takes from the funding the church is getting to fund the hospital. Nucky becomes powerful again and Eli gets the Mayor job.

  5. Rese says:

    Margaret “I’m lost” Rohan Schroeder Thompson realizes just how lost she is and gets sick of lugging her paralized daughter up 4 flights of tenement stairs, staring down into the air shaft and seeing mob garottings, searching for runaway Teddy who’s stealing money, bicycles trying to get back to AC and all in the first 3 days of her new life. She calls Nucky to come get them and he tells her Dr Mason is looking for her and wants her to help him run his new birth control clinic so she says she’ll come back but they will have to lay all their cards on the table and that she wants a “real marriage” with sex and shit but that she also wants a no nudity clause in their marriage contract and Nucky says ok because he already has one. Fair is Fair.

  6. John K says:

    Margaret and Dr. Mason open AC’s first abortion clinic (Planned Parenthood)Nucky’s ho’s become her best customers.

  7. Isa says:

    Good old hypocrite Peg. She likes playing the stubborn little girl quite a lot but she enjoys too much the lifestyle that the marriage with Nucky provides to stay angry for too long. She’ll go back to Nucky as she did in S1 as soon as she runs out of perfume and ribbon hats. It will be ‘too late’ though, in Nucky’s words this time. Buuut, somehow she’ll carve her way back in. She knows how to manipulate. She’s clever. What I would like? She playing gangster. Saving Nucky’s ass as she did before, from whatever the new season has for him on store. That was Margaret. She was cool. Now she’s just plain boring. Whatever. Bring back cool Margaret. PD. Please no affair with the doctor, boring, soap-opera, boring, boring, boring.

  8. Dori Pace says:

    Margaret returns to AC to request a separation with Nucky. While there, she runs into Dr. Mason who frantically informs her that there is a sudden influx of heroin addicts in the NY and NJ due to the new powerful Joe-the-Boss/Arnold-the-Dentist heroin operation, and that resources are needed to open the City’s first drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. While volunteering at the new facility with Nucky’s name on the door, she begins a romance with Dr. Mason and encounters a tragic child turned madam turned heroin addict, Gillian Darmody. A strong kinship based on family-abandonment and abuse leads Margaret to helping Gillian beat her addiction, get the Artemis Club back up and running, and win back her grandson in a custody battle with the Sagorsky’s.

  9. Guy DiMarco says:

    Nucky will tell Eli how he had to marry Margaret to prevent her from testifying and Eli will find a way to take Margaret out to protect Nucky because she can’t be trusted. Nucky will get the kids and Teddy can continue his gangster training.

  10. Roger J says:

    Margaret will try to reconcile with her brother who will still be cold and still think she will have a bad influence on the youngest sister. She will seek spiritual counsel who will remind her that her marriage vows were sacred. She will return to Nucky and get involved with Dr. Mason again.

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