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Sin that Amends on Empire

Sin that Amends Recap: Empire

The second episode of Empire Season 3 was “Sin that Amends” (9-29-16). We find Anika trying to deal with motherhood, Andre trying to call Rhonda back from the dead and...

Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan

Chinese Algebra Recap: Ray Donovan

In “Chinese Algebra” (Ray Donovan S4 E11, 9-11-2016), Hector learned that Ray is not his fairy godfather and has his own motives for covering up Marisol’s murder. Mickey helped place...

Ray and Abby Donovan

Lake Hollywood Recap: Ray Donovan

In “Lake Hollywood” (Ray Donovan S4 E10, 8-28-2016), Ray attempts to get Avi back from the Russians, while his family lives in fear. Hector loses it when the prospect of...