2020 Harriet Tubman $20

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3 Responses

  1. TR says:

    Fantastic choice. I’m perplexed that there was ever an idea to take Hamilton (first Sec.Treasury, one of the most important figures in American financial history) off the $10, but Andrew Jackson? Eh.

    Also, their ideas for the back of the bills sound ambitious and well meaning, but a bit cluttered. Hopefully they nail the design and do the figures/events justice.

    • VJ says:

      @TR, in the NY Times article I linked to, Binyamin Applebaum says we ought to follow the UK’s example of rotating notable Americans from all fields on the currency —

      “Rotating the honor would allow recognition for a broader group of notable Americans, and it would take the pressure off each decision.”

      I think that’s a cool idea.

  2. EricS says:

    Great tribute to a great person